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Horizon Project Update

In his recent ‘State of the City’ address, Mayor Joe Riley provided an update, among other things, on the plan going forward for the Horizon Project. The following is a quote from his address:

“…the Horizon Project, which will be a wonderful life science, biotech business and residential neighborhood along the Ashley River on Lockwood Drive, is receiving proposals for master developers.  Our goal is to have the first phase of this project in design and under construction next year.”

We’re excited to start seeing some movement with this plan. It’s such a large project for a relatively small city and it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on, not only the west side neighborhood where Nunan Street is located, but on the entire peninsula.

Here is a link to the Mayor’s entire address.


The Cottage at 85 Nunan

We recently rented out the cottage at 85 Nunan to local non-profit Charleston Waterkeeper. They support a great cause and we’re happy to see the cottage being used in such a meaningful and productive way. This is the first time the cottage has been used for office space (vs living space) but it clearly does the job.

National Publications

Recently, Charleston has been mentioned in a few national publications. Maybe that’s because there has been a real increase in interest for the city or maybe it’s just because we live here and notice things like that (like when you get a new car and all of a sudden see the same car everywhere). Maybe it’s both. Ever since we’ve lived here though, it is obvious Charleston is getting discovered by more people. It’s been a steady process and fun to see. Here are just a couple recent mentions of Charleston. They offer two very important perspectives: 1) Charleston being a top city to visit given its genuine character and range of activities for travelers and 2) the general business landscape and how technology companies seem to be taking root here.

Conde’ Nast Traveler

Fast Company

Bird’s Eye View

Every once in a while, I’ll check google maps to see if the aerial view of Nunan Street has been updated, to show 87 Nunan. Yesterday was the first day that I checked and finally saw the update. This picture must have been taken somewhat recently because there are no leaves on the trees

87 rooftop (white rectangle at center) with 85 just below

Construction Complete

Construction on 87 Nunan is complete and we couldn’t be happier. It was a long, trying process from when we first acquired the property, to deciding on the direction we wanted to take, and finally to completing construction on 87. In the end, 87 Nunan turned out better than we imagined, which can be attributed to the goal of creating something unique as well as to being patient during the process. It’s funny to sit back and look at a structure that didn’t exist a year ago and now it’s complete, with its own address and everything.

We aren’t completely done yet, as far as improvements to the property as a whole are concerned, but the construction of 87 Nunan is done and now we move on to other tasks. Stay tuned for updates on these improvements. There is no doubt they will have a significant effect on the project, in its entirety.

The Horizon Redevelopment Project

Over the past few years, there have been whispers about a redevelopment project on the Westside of town finally coming to fruition. It sounds like this is becoming a reality. The roughly $155 million project is known as the Horizon Redevelopment Project (see presentation at bottom of page) and it will have an incredible effect on this area of town. Horizon Street is the road that bisects the large area being redeveloped, hence the name. Geared towards research and technology, it is an area that will cater to not only the “knowledge-based economy” but the overall growth and evolution of Charleston in general. The immediate effects are obvious but it is anticipated that such a development will spring new business in the area as well. You can do a google search and find plenty more on the subject. Exciting news!

UPDATE – August 2012

The Crosstown Drainage Project

Charleston has always been an area prone to flooding, given our height above sea-level and the often poor/outdated drainage systems. For anyone who has been paying attention, some significant work is being done to remedy and improve, not only the drainage issues, but the occasional traffic congestion in the area on and around the Crosstown (Highway 17). These improvements naturally effect Nunan Street, which is only a block away from the Crosstown. This project continues the trend of improvement on the Westside, whether it be infrastructure, home construction and renovations, or the new Citadel football stadium. Click HERE to read more about the work being done on the Crosstown and the additional $25 million in funding just approved to continue work on the drainage system.

Map of area being addressed

Movie Trailer Released

For a short time in the summer of 2010, a film crew  for the 2012 movie ‘Little Red Wagon’ occupied the westside neighborhood where the Nunan Street project is taking place. They even shot several scenes on Nunan Street. The trailer for the film has just been released. It looks like a Lifetime movie more than anything but the road to fame often starts out on Lifetime and afternoon soaps. Take a look.

Feature in Charleston Business Journal

Nunan was one of the projects featured in the Charleston Business Journal’s latest edition of Charleston Under Construction. This is a quarterly publication that highlights specific projects going on in the Charleston area. We are pleased to be a part of it. We are almost done! Take a look at the newest construction photos.

Update ~

New photos have been added. Check them out. Any suggestions on paint color?


We are making progress with the construction of 87 Nunan Street. Framing is almost complete and we’ll soon move on to the next phase of the build. To see more pictures, be sure to keep up with pictures we post under the Construction link at the top of the page. We add pictures on a regular basis.


Today, at 6:00 am, we were up and working on removing some cabinetry from a house downtown. This house was being renovated/updated and, among other things, we have taken possession of these cabinets that will fit perfectly in 87 Nunan. Fortunately for us, they are pretty much unpainted too so we can still put our own twist on them. Using recycled and refurbished material that is still of high quality is the goal here.

April 26, 2011

The official start date of construction. Today, workers began laying the foundation for 87 Nunan Street. Pretty exciting to see our plan start to take shape.

Building Permits

We just received word that all necessary building permits have been attained. You know what that means? Construction will begin soon! It is a goal of ours to document the building process as thoroughly as possible (pictures, video, blog posts, etc) so in the end, we have a complete record of how we arrived at the final product. Stay tuned…

Cypress Wood

Recently, we came across a house that was being taken down in order to make room for new construction. We spent a few days removing the cypress wood siding from the soon to be demolished house. Naturally, it was a lot of hard work. It’s great to have this material at our disposal though as we plan to use it on the Nunan Street project. Here are a few pictures from our time at this house. Most of the wood was in great shape. Like anything, it will just need some TLC.

Nunan Street is ‘Famous’

Recently, the film crew from the 2012 movie ‘Little Red Wagon‘ used Nunan Street and the surrounding neighborhood during a couple days of filming. It was extremely hot out during the filming. It actually became a problem for many people but it sounds like everyone made it through the shoot. Next stop, Hollywood…

The corner of Nunan and Killian Streets

Proposal Accepted

Our proposal to the City of Charleston was accepted. We are now free to move forward with construction once the final design plans are hashed out. We couldn’t be happier at this point. We were actually scheduled for a mid-May meeting with the city to discuss our plan but we decided to push things back another couple of weeks, just to make sure we were fully prepared. It was a good decision on our part, not only to get our side figured out, but it looked like the people down at Charleston’s Board of Zoning appreciated it too. They were quite busy in May.

A quick account of the meeting itself: We were scheduled to present second, behind a family proposing renovations to a property in the historic district. Anyone who knows about Charleston knows that preservation is very important here. Charleston is such a historic location and the city has to do their best to preserve that history. With that said, this first property discussed is located on Longitude Lane, which is in the heart of it all. Needless to say, it took a while (over an hour) to hash out the details of that proposed renovation. Next up, 85 Nunan Street. We’re not sure if they were just tired after the discussion about that first property but our proposal literally took 10 minutes and it was passed. We incorporated into our plan the requirements (parking, house height, etc) that Charleston feels are necessary when it comes to new construction in this area. As a result, there wasn’t much to discuss. Good news for us.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the final plans and design goals.

The Neighborhood Approves

Something very important happened recently. We attended the Westside community meeting to discuss our goals for 85 Nunan Street. These meetings happen once a month and for anyone who has the time to attend such meetings, we highly suggest you do so.  Not only is it a good way to meet others who live in the area but there is a comforting undertone to the meetings. There is this unspoken respect people have for one another simply for being there and caring about the community. As a result, the meetings can take on that ‘us against the world’ feeling. Most people are in good spirits so the conversation is always fun but productive. There is definitely a sense of family at these meetings.

In any case, we wanted to gauge our neighbor’s feelings towards our proposal. Most residents in this area have deep family ties to the Westside neighborhood. Many have lived, or even been born, in the same homes they occupy now. So, it was important that we were accepted by our neighbors before we took this plan any further.

Fortunately, we received overwhelming support. Some neighbors were legitimately excited. It was great to see and it made us really appreciate this area even more.

One Step Closer

We are one step closer! Our date with the city has officially been set for May 18th. Check out 85 Nunan Street.

The hearing date has been set by the city's Board of Zoning.

Take a walk…

We do a lot of walking around Charleston and one thing is apparent (besides the fact that we are out of shape) – there is a lot of change taking place! This change is evident all around the city, including at 85 Nunan. With so much happening, we thought it would be fun to share a few photos with you. From the city repairing the sidewalk to actual construction taking place on the surrounding houses, the area is changing before our eyes. It’s fun to see these physical changes happen and then to see the overall effect they have on the neighborhood. We’ll be sure to post additional photos as we see more of these improvements taking place.

Proposal Submitted

As of this past Monday, we have officially submitted our proposal to the City of Charleston regarding the 85 Nunan Street Project. The next step will be to go in front of the city and make our case next month. We will certainly keep you posted on the results. Our plan is to build a second structure on the back portion of the lot that is 85 Nunan Street, where a building once stood (it was lost in a fire sometime in the 1990s). The hope is that, in keeping with the history of this property, the city approves our plans and we can begin to act on this plan, which we have been working on over the past six months or so. Wish us luck!

Northern portion of the 85 Nunan lot (backyard)

Renovation of Freedman’s Cottage

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made some major alterations to the existing structure, the Freedman’s cottage, at the 85 Nunan property. The “bones” of this structure are in great shape, considering how old the house is, but it needed some work aesthetically. Our goal was to open up the space a bit. It felt too confining. So, we knocked out part of the dividing wall that separated one room from the other. We also tore down the ceiling in the living room to expose the wooden beams and gable roof. Additional work we did included sanding and repainting the tongue and groove walls (you would be amazed at how many layers of paint there were, all different colors too) and sanding then staining the wooden floor. The floor had been painted brown so we gave it a more natural feel. All in all, the changes have completely changed the environment in the house. It feels more open and spacious. It also just looks better but you can judge for yourself. Here are some photos we took throughout the process.

85 Nunan Purchased

We have purchased 85 Nunan Street! It is a project we feel is well-timed and has a lot of potential. The purchase of this property is really a culmination of our eight years in Charleston. In this time, Charleston has experienced significant growth. As a result of this growth, we saw an opportunity to get involved. Naturally, the property needs some work. That is part of the fun for us. We want to create something that will be unique, practical, and stand the test of time.

Stay tuned.