We chose this property on Nunan Street as a project for a number of reasons. For a long time now, we have wanted to get involved in Charleston’s growth. We feel, and have always felt, that Charleston is a special place and has a lot to offer. Beyond that though, the ability to see potential in something is important. We saw potential in 85 Nunan when we first laid eyes on it. Simply seeing potential is not enough though. We had to act on that vision and create something we felt would be unique, practical, and stand the test of time.

Located in Charleston’s Westside neighborhood, the Nunan Street property combines historical architecture with contemporary design. The project is part restoration, part new construction.

The current space was originally occupied by one structure (85 Nunan) on the southern portion of the lot which we have restored. We have built a second, independent structure (87 Nunan) on the northern portion of the lot. More on that in a bit.

Restoration has taken place on the original structure, a two-room Freedman’s Cottage built in the 1930s. Historically, Freedman Cottages are small but rather than adding onto the cottage, which is the usual practice, we decided to leave the footprint untouched. We would rather have the house exist in its original state so we’ve simply made aesthetic improvements. The goal is to open up the space a bit as well as improve the appearance. The structure is already in really good shape, it just needed some TLC. In this case, it’s not so much about the amount of physical change, it is making the right changes that matter. The result has completely transformed the environment within house.

The new construction consists of a three-story structure. The ground level will be an outdoor common area able to be utilized year-round. The two upper levels are the livable levels, following the loft theme of the Freedman’s cottage. The kitchen and living room occupy the first floor. Occupying the top floor are a bedroom and a flexible space that can be used as an office or a second bedroom. Please see the Design Plans page for the architectural drawings.

We would like to thank those who are helping make this project what it is:

The Westside neighborhood

The Middleton Group


Charleston Public Library

Robert and Janet Scarpato

Ron Davis

William Bates Design


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