Proposal Accepted

Our proposal to the City of Charleston was accepted. We are now free to move forward with construction once the final design plans are hashed out. We couldn’t be happier at this point. We were actually scheduled for a mid-May meeting with the city to discuss our plan but we decided to push things back another couple of weeks, just to make sure we were fully prepared. It was a good decision on our part, not only to get our side figured out, but it looked like the people down at Charleston’s Board of Zoning appreciated it too. They were quite busy in May.

A quick account of the meeting itself: We were scheduled to present second, behind a family proposing renovations to a property in the historic district. Anyone who knows about Charleston knows that preservation is very important here. Charleston is such a historic location and the city has to do their best to preserve that history. With that said, this first property discussed is located on Longitude Lane, which is in the heart of it all. Needless to say, it took a while (over an hour) to hash out the details of that proposed renovation. Next up, 85 Nunan Street. We’re not sure if they were just tired after the discussion about that first property but our proposal literally took 10 minutes and it was passed. We incorporated into our plan the requirements (parking, house height, etc) that Charleston feels are necessary when it comes to new construction in this area. As a result, there wasn’t much to discuss. Good news for us.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the final plans and design goals.


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