Renovation of Freedman’s Cottage

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made some major alterations to the existing structure, the Freedman’s cottage, at the 85 Nunan property. The “bones” of this structure are in great shape, considering how old the house is, but it needed some work aesthetically. Our goal was to open up the space a bit. It felt too confining. So, we knocked out part of the dividing wall that separated one room from the other. We also tore down the ceiling in the living room to expose the wooden beams and gable roof. Additional work we did included sanding and repainting the tongue and groove walls (you would be amazed at how many layers of paint there were, all different colors too) and sanding then staining the wooden floor. The floor had been painted brown so we gave it a more natural feel. All in all, the changes have completely changed the environment in the house. It feels more open and spacious. It also just looks better but you can judge for yourself. Here are some photos we took throughout the process.


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